Gustavo Artigas, Roberto de la Torre, Yoshua Okon, Katya Brailovsky, Ximena Cuevas and Israel Mora

Curated by: Gwen MacGregor

10 May 2001 - 16 June 2001
Opening Reception 10 May 2001 8pm

Front & Back Gallery:

City of Fictions

Lecture: Katya Brailovsky, Yoshua Okon, Roberto de la Torre, 7 pm


Thursday May 10, 7-10pm, Gustavo Artigas
Saturday May 12, 2pm, Israel Mora, Roberto de la Torre

Six artists from Mexico City presenting a variety of work in performance, site specific installation, video and photography in the Front and Back Galleries at Mercer Union.

All of these artists come from a relatively new generation using performance, video, installation and photography. Perhaps as a reaction to the neo-Mexican expressionism of the 80s, a movement that earnestly tried to reclaim a Mexican identity, these young artists show a relaxed confidence in their approach. Their acknowledgement of the inherent contradictions of the city in which they live, and the way they use its complexities within their creative processes makes for dynamic and engaging work.

– Gwen MacGregor