SESSION/relay: Cassandra Myers

17 January 2021 12pm

Impossible Time There are very limited words to discuss time in the English language. Time according to queer disability scholars runs differently depending on your positionality of privilege, and thus movement through the world. To question our relationship with time is to question our relationship with colonial understandings of a person’s milestones, their life path, their […]


isthmus Live | Arriving Elsewhere

15 November 2020 1pm

Parastoo Anoushahpour, Faraz Anoushahpour, and Ryan Ferko will conclude their isthmus collaborative research commission with a live online presentation on Sunday 15 November. This event gives space to an ongoing 11-person collaboration under the name Arriving Elsewhere, exploring the possibilities of shared experience while contending with the digital spaces that simulate proximity. For the month […]


fORUM: NADI | COUSIN | Ogimaa Mikana Project

12 September 2020 3pm

REGISTER TO ATTEND Native Art Department International invites members of COUSIN and Ogimaa Mikana Project to discuss horizontality as a strategic and behavioural order in collective practice and community development. Utilizing both the gallery and Zoom as spaces that can be activated by bodies and voices, this event is simultaneously a panel and a performance. […]


Opening Reception Postponed

13 March 2020 11am - 11pm

We have been closely monitoring the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, with the health and well-being of our artists, staff, community and collaborators in mind.  Following the guidelines of Canada Public Health officials, including a recommendation to avoid large gatherings, we have decided to postpone our opening reception for Native Art Department International: Bureau of Aesthetics.  According to […]


CANCELLED | Aggregate: Filipa Ramos

17 March 2020 6pm - 8pm

— Following the guidelines of Canada Public Health officials, including a recommendation to avoid all non-essential international travel, this event has been cancelled.  — Making Plans for Nigel Nigel was a male Australasian gannet who spent his last years living in the New Zealand island of Mana, where he befriended a concrete decoy of a […]


ONE HOUR MIXER: Miles Rufelds

21 February 2020 6pm - 7pm

  Please join us on Friday 21 February for a one-hour mix by Miles Rufelds and a drink on the house with good company. This is your last chance to experience our current exhibition, Laure Prouvost & Jonas Staal: Obscure Union, before it closes on 22 February. Not yet a member? To have access to this and future cocktail mixers, become a […]


SESSION: Desire x Politics

26 January 2020 12pm - 3pm

In Desire x Politics: Solve for x, where x is the variable prised open between the bodies of politics and the bodies of desire. Over the past eight months, a nine-person* working group led by Yaniya Lee and Fan Wu has been navigating the problematics of desire x politics, reading and writing to unravel this […]