Choi Yan-Chi. Main Gallery. Installation view. Photography by Peter MacCallum.



Choi Yan-Chi

5 November 1994 - 22 December 1994
Opening Reception 5 November 1994 8pm

Main Gallery: Drowned V – swimming in the dark Brochure Text: I take it the preservers of ancient culture have read the classic in which it says, “Lin Hui abandoned jade worth a thousand gold pieces, but ran away carrying the child.” This can hardly be considered the act of a beast. But what, pray, […]

Maria Thereza Alves. Main Gallery. Installation view. Photography by Peter MacCallum.



Maria Thereza Alves

17 September 1994 - 29 October 1994
Opening Reception 17 September 1994 8pm

Main Gallery: Nowhere Brochure Text: Nowhere is the third in a series of installations by Maria Thereza Alves, all of which have had succinct names which are themselves about naming. No Soy Su Madre (I Am Not Your Mother) was the first and alluded to the kind of epithets man has traditionally used in reference […]

From left to right: Gordon Laird, Camel., Rock., Tornado., Fuchsialcescape. Installation view. Photo: Peter MacCallum



Gordon Laird

23 June 1994 - 30 July 1994
Opening Reception 23 June 1994 8pm

Gordon Laird Photography Main Gallery Canadian Artist

Gwen MacGregor. Installation view. Photo: Peter MacCallum



Gwen MacGregor

13 May 1994 - 18 June 1994
Opening Reception 13 May 1994 8pm

Main Gallery: Murky Water Over the past three years, Gwen MacGregor has divided her time between London, England and Toronto. When in London, she participates in the activity of mudlarking – the digging up of objects from the banks of the Thames. For a few Londoners, mudlarking is a profession, and metal detectors are used […]

Richard Storms. Installation view. Photo: Peter MacCallum



Natalie Olanick & Richard Storms

Curated by Moira Clark

31 March 1994 - 7 May 1994
Opening Reception 31 March 1994 8pm

Main Gallery: What’s Required We both edit our work down to a point where there is a certain ambiguity. The images I incorporate in my work are very ambiguous until I put them together, until the configuration gives them a kind of meaning and function. But I then try to empty the work of that […]

G.B. Jones, Prison Breakout Series. Installation view. Photo: Peter MacCallum



Julie Zando, Abigail Child, G.B. Jones, Lutz Baker, Sue Williams and Nan Goldin

Curated by Shonagh Adelman

10 March 1994 - 2 April 1994
Opening Reception 10 March 1994 8pm

Project Room Series: Girrly Pictures Schedule: April 7 – April 30, 1994 Girrly Pictures 2 Su Freidrich Video American Artist Catalogue: Girrly Pictures June 23 – July 30, 1994 Girrly Pictures 3 Lorna Boschman and Kiss + Tell Video Canadian Artists Catalogue: Girrly Pictures September 17 – October 29, 1994 Girrly Pictures 4 Lutz Bacher […]

Helmut Dorner. Installation view. Photo: Peter MacCallum



Helmut Dorner

Curated by Gregory Salzman

17 February 1994 - 26 March 1994
Opening Reception 17 February 1994 8pm

Under the Surface Mercer Union is pleased to present the first North American exhibition of work by German painter Helmut Dorner. The exhibition Helmut Dorner Under the Surface is curated by Gregory Salzman and will be traveling to the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver in April, 1994. Helmut Dorner’s abstract paintings reaffirms a deep-seated need […]

Denise Thomasos, detail of Recollect., 1993. Installation view. Photo: Peter MacCallum.



Denyse Thomasos

27 January 1994 - 26 February 1994
Opening Reception 27 January 1994 8pm

Project Room: Recollect Denyse Thomasos’ Recollect, 1993, is a mural (scaled 19 x 18 foot) painting that virtually covers the largest of the Mercer Union Project Room’s walls. This work continues Thomasos’ interest In making paintings that evoke architecture, and/or work in conjunction with a specific architectural setting, to give visual form to the representation […]

Neil MacInnis, Gay Bashing Tartan/Gay Nineties Tartan. Installation view. Photo: Peter MacCallum



Neil MacInnis

13 January 1994 - 12 February 1994
Opening Reception 13 January 1994 8pm

Main Gallery: Neil MacInnis Montreal artist Neil MacInnis seeks to reactivate the form of textiles as a means to provide a social context in which communities may express their identities and tell their stories. MacInnis’ textile works serves as one of those voices, relating the people’s story of sturggle, journey, and realization. He attempts to […]