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SESSION: Jean-Paul Kelly

14 October 2018 12pm - 3pm

Considering The Fine Thread of Deviation, artist Jean-Paul Kelly will lead a SESSION that regards the purposeful abstraction of historical material as a means to defamiliarize the primacy of retroactive sense: Using his own research and forthcoming projects related to the ethics of queer aesthetics in the work of American writer and photographer Carl Van Vechten (1880-1964), […]



fORUM: Evan Calder Williams

18 October 2018 7pm

Abstract Floods Drawing on research linked to his current exhibition at Mercer Union, theorist and artist Evan Calder Williams moves across technological, political and artistic histories to sketch a theory of subsumption. As a philosophical category, subsumption suggests the gathering of particulars under the sign of a universal, while in Marxist theory, it became a crucial […]